*UPDATE* - 15th June

Yesterday, the government announced that they are delaying the Step 4 lifting of restrictions, due to take place on June 21st.  The new "Terminus" date is Monday 19th July, to coincide with the school holidays and to make sure as many adults are vaccinated.   Performances are still going ahead, but some indoor performances may be cancelled or postponed.  Check my performances page for up to date information on upcoming shows.


*UPDATE* - 17th May

Finally, we have arrived at Step 3 of the government roadmap.  Indoor performances are once again permitted (which is welcome as we've had some very cold outdoor performances!)  There are of course some restrictions in place with audience numbers etc, but it's a huge step in the right direction for live music performance.  Full details can be found here.  All being well, things look set to be relaxed further in late June, this being subject to the new Indian variant of the virus being kept under control and the vaccination rollout continuing to safeguard the population.

Source: UK Government Website

*UPDATE* - 17th March

Updates for live music can also be found on the Musicians Union website.  Key dates are below:

Step 2: No earlier than 12 April 2021

  • All music education provision permitted. Please see our Covid Teaching advice page for more details.

  • Drive-in cinema, theatre and other performance events permitted.

  • Weddings, wedding receptions, funerals and wakes: Weddings and civil partnership receptions now permitted, and guest limits increased. Fifteen guests allowed at weddings, civil partnership services and respective receptions, and at Wakes. The guest limit for funeral services remains at thirty. Musicians are not included in these guest limits.

  • Live event pilots scheduled to begin.

Step 3: No earlier than 17 May 2021

  • Indoor live performance permitted with audience limitations (1,000 people or 50% of venue capacity, whichever is lower).

  • Outdoor live performance permitted with audience limitations (4,000 people or 50% of venue capacity, whichever is lower).

  • Large outdoor seated events permitted with audience limitations (10,000 people or 25% of venue capacity, whichever is lower).

  • Life events: A wider range now permitted to include Bar Mitzvahs and Christenings. Guest limit for all life events set at thirty. Musicians are not included in these guest limits.

  • Busking is now permitted.

  • Amateur activity is now permitted.

Step 4: No earlier than 21 June 2021

  • Life events: No limit on guests.

  • Re-opening of all remaining businesses, including nightclubs.

  • Relaxation of limits on live performance events, subject to success of previous steps.

Source: Musicians Union Website

*UPDATE* - 8th March

Now that children have returned to school, and are being regularly tested for COVID-19, the question is now whether private tuition can now resume in person.  The Musicians Union have published their recommendations, in line with government guidelines.  The full article can be found here. 


"Government guidance states that peripatetic teachers can move between settings and teach pupils individually or in groups, although groups should take place outdoors if possible. Singing, wind and brass playing should not take place in larger groups at all (although ‘larger’ is not defined). These restrictions may be relaxed over time and we will advise members if so.

If teaching indoors, observe social distancing, avoid face-to-face positioning and use ventilation (HSE guidance on this can be found on the Government’s website). No performances should take place in front of audiences. Care should be taken to clean equipment and minimise sharing." 

"As set out in the COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021 guidance, from 29 March, and in line with when schools close for the Easter holidays, out-of-school settings will be able to offer outdoor provision to all children, without restrictions on the purpose for which they may attend. The guidance states the ambition to allow all indoor and outdoor activities without restriction from 12 April."

- Source: Musicians Union Website

*UPDATE* - 22nd February

The UK government have now announced a 4 step plan to finally bring the UK out of lockdown, with the final lifting of restrictions being on the 12th June.  The details can be found here.  Source: UK Government Website

*UPDATE 7th January

With the UK now under lockdown once again, we're once again left in limbo for performances.  Fortunately, venues are showing faith and booking performances which will proceed only if COVID restrictions are lifted to allow these to go ahead.  Everyone is now living in hope that the vaccines can be administered and a return to some kind of normality is on the horizon.  Stay safe.

*UPDATE* - 4th January

First of all, happy new year!  Here's hoping that we finally see Coronavirus dealt with and a return to some kind of normality, although at this early stage of the year, it still seems far away.

With most of the country in Tier 4 restrictions, and more severe restrictions likely to come into effect in the coming weeks, performances are once again on hold.  However, I'm hopeful that a clearer picture will emerge as the month progresses.  Stay tuned!

*UPDATE* - 2nd December

With lockdown 2 ending, what is now allowed under the revised 3 tier system? Click below for the various tiers.

Tier 1 - Medium

Tier 2 - High

Tier 3 - Very High

Sourced from UK Government website.

*UPDATE* - 5th November

Lockdown 2 has put restrictions on performances, but teaching at students homes can still go ahead.  Read more by clicking here.

*UPDATE* - 31st October

The government have now announced that the UK will now go back into lockdown to attempt to minimize the further spread of COVID-19.  This means that venues will once again have to close for at least four weeks from 12.01am Thursday 5th November.  More information on the lockdown can be found by clicking here.

*UPDATE* - 22nd September

From Thursday 24th September, more restrictions will be coming in to place which affect the pub/club & hospitality industry.  The biggest change will be a 10pm curfew.  Details regarding these new rules can be found by clicking here.

*UPDATE* - 8th September

The UK government have amended the current guidelines for social gatherings in the UK to prevent another spike in coronavirus cases and to limit the possibility of another lockdown.  At the time of writing, performances can and are still going ahead but the public should follow the updated rules, which are enforceable by law with fines.  The new rules can be found by clicking here.

*UPDATE* - 14th August

The UK government have relaxed the restrictions with regard to indoor performances, including pubs etc.

“The nation’s hard work to keep the virus under control means we can now make further careful progress on recovery with allowing audiences back for indoor performances, fans back at sports events and the reopening of more Covid-19-secure leisure businesses.” 

Lets hope we can get back to safely performing soon!



*UPDATE* - 30th July

With Coronavirus cases appearing to rise globally, the UK government has seen fit to suspend the relaxing of restrictions regarding indoor performances, with a review to come on August 15th. 


"On Saturday 1 August, you’ll remember, we had hoped to reopen in England a number of higher risk settings that had remained closed. Today, I am afraid we are postponing these changes for at least a fortnight.

That means that, until 15 August at the earliest:

Casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks and remaining close contact services must remain closed. Indoor performances will not resume.

Pilots of larger crowds in sports venues and conference centres will not take place.

Wedding receptions of up to 30 people will not be permitted, but ceremonies can continue to take place, in line with COVID-Secure guidelines."

UK Gov Website - PM Speech Transcription 


According to this article on the Musicians Union website, indoor performances may be able to take place from Saturday 1st August, as long as strict social distancing guidelines are followed etc.  I'm not sure how this affects the pub and club trade as it's vague in it's reference, being directed more towards theatres and ticket sales venues, but it's a step in the right direction for a return to normality, performance wise.