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  • James has been playing keyboards since he was 8 years old, although his connection with music started when he was just 4.   He started playing the violin, learning by the suzuki method, however when he was 7 years old, he decided that violin wasn't for him and instead he would play the keyboard his mum had bought for him the Christmas before and couldn't put down.
  • Playing at school assemblies and at any other opportunity he could,  James started to master the fundamentals of playing and was bought more keyboards at birthdays and Christmas thereafter.
  • At 10 James started being tutored to play the keyboard and after his  very first lesson was told he had outgrown his current keyboard which had been bought for him for his birthday just two weeks prior.
  • James entered a few talent competitions when he was 13 and won his first summer season later that year, the following year, he won two more summer seasons.  The following years saw James making a name for himself playing the pubs and clubs of East Anglia.
  • At 17 James secured a position playing keyboards and singing on ships.  7 years and 7 ships later, he returned to UK shores and returned to playing the pub and club circuit.
A Lifetime of Music
Let the Music Tell the Story
  • James joined the Duelling Pianists, playing for Jumpin' Jaks bars  between 1997 and 2001, playing at the party venues all over the country, also forming the corporate function band "4 Real" playing at Ministry Of Defence bases, weddings and other corporate functions including the Kings College Summer Ball at Alexandra Palace as well as various cruise ships and hotels.
  • 2002 saw James joining the rock band "Adonia" and he enjoyed playing a more rocky style of music, all the time maintaining his solo keyboard/vocal act.2005 and during a show, James was approached by local rock band "Red Leaf" who asked him to join as lead singer/keyboards.  15 years on and  James & Red Leaf now enjoy a full diary after being taken under the wing of "TEAM Management"​​
  • 2012 - James starts tutoring keyboard to students young and old.. Click here for more details.
  • 2013 James joins "Born Jovi" a Bon Jovi Tribute Showband, adding to his already busy roster.​
  • In 2018 - James, along with guitarist Matt Tidd, drummer Jez Wood & bassist Darren Butler form the bare bones of Monument - A Tribute To Classic Rock.  Concentrating on bringing the absolute best in classic rock.
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