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James has been teaching keyboards to students of all ages for the last 12 years.  Offering a bespoke lesson style, tailored to each student individually.  To this end, he learns what your favourite genres and artistes are and then endeavours to teach the student everything they need to know in order to play the songs the student loves.  Backed up with additional online content and a relaxed manner, students quickly grasp the fundamentals of music, practical technique and music theory as they discover the joy of playing music and mastering the keyboard.

Teaching any age, any level.  It's never too late to start!  Contact for more details.
I offer a range of classes and courses for all levels and interests. I bring a wealth of experience to the classroom and enable students to gain a solid understanding in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. To find out more, please use the contact page.
Keyboard tuition poster 1 - Any age, any level of ability
Keyboard tuition poster 2 - Any age, any level
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